Not that there is actually a question in there...
I assume your question is "How do I pass a value from a window which was
opened via JavaScript, back to the window which opened it"
Short answer: "window.opener" <-- read up in a javascript reference manual
about this object.
Longer answer
after reading up on the above, you will find that you can manipulate the
elements on the "opener" of a window via javascript. This will allow you to
do things like get an email, then drop it back into a form field
(window.opener.formName.formField.value = foundEmailAddress or something
like that)
not that this has anything directly to do with PHP or Databases, let alone
enjoy, have fun

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I have a question on Javascript, if you don't mind. 

Say if I have a main page, whereby I would also have a html form which
contains a button. Let's call it main document. 

When I click on the button it will open a new window, which refers to
another html page. Now, let's call it child document. 
Now on this html page, say, I would like to search for an e-mail address,
and returns the value of the e-mail address from the child document 
to the main document. 

Regards and thanks in advance. 

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