I have recently been creating reports using PHP's pdf libraries. Somewhat time consuming to develop them from scratch and the client has to have the acrobat reader, but they look slick, I must say. Another option is to create RTF or PDF templates and simply replace certain areas with your data.

This might not be what you are looking for, but a couple of places to start:

One nice thing about this is that quite a few people seem to be developing classes for this kind of reporting.

Mohammad Saad wrote:

Hi, I wanted to ask a question, Whats the best way of developing reports in
PHP. I mean in case of ASP, developers use Crystal Reports but apparently
PHP doesn't support Crystal Reports. so is there any other tool for me? or
should I use conventional method of writing database queries, PHP paging and
HTML table formatting to generate reports. The reason I am asking is this,
that for a particular project I need to come up with around 175 reports,
Although am sure some of the reports formats will be the same so I can just
switch queries in those. but still is there any other better way out, are
Oracle Reports supported in PHP?

Thanks in Advance

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