I have to agree on the PDF.

Currently my host does not provide for PDF capabilities as of yet but I
believe they are going to be compiling with support for PDF soon.

When they do, look out. The success of some of our commercial apps will
rise for sure as this reporting options becomes available. A lot of our
apps/tools are for customers of our clients... meaning our clients
(marketing and Ad firms) utilize our tools to sell to their clients
therefore a lot of the reports need to be made available to their
clients as well. PDF files will really enhance the client-relationship
thus making it that much stronger and a longer lasting business
relationship (more$$$$$).

Just my thoughts.


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I have recently been creating reports using PHP's pdf libraries. 
 Somewhat time consuming to develop them from scratch and the client has

to have the acrobat reader, but they look slick, I must say.  Another 
option is to create RTF or PDF templates and simply replace certain 
areas with your data.

This might not be what you are looking for, but a couple of places to

 One nice thing about this is that quite a few people seem to be 
developing classes for this kind of reporting.

Mohammad Saad wrote:

>Hi, I wanted to ask a question, Whats the best way of developing
reports in
>PHP. I mean in case of ASP, developers use Crystal Reports but
>PHP doesn't support Crystal Reports. so is there any other tool for me?
>should I use conventional method of writing database queries, PHP
paging and
>HTML table formatting to generate reports. The reason I am asking is
>that for a particular project I need to come up with around 175
>Although am sure some of the reports formats will be the same so I can
>switch queries in those. but still is there any other better way out,
>Oracle Reports supported in PHP?
>Thanks in Advance

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