I'm having problems with a query. The query as it reads in my code is:

$sql_element_low = "UPDATE $table SET medialow=NULL WHERE

All of the varibles get passed as expected. I know this because if I echo
the SQL out to the page, I get:

UPDATE levelone SET medialow=NULL WHERE 1contentID=1

When I type the echoed SQL directly into the MySQL command line, the query
executed just fine. However, when I try to let the code execute the query,
nothing happens. No, mysql_error(), nothing. 

All of the surrounding code is found below. $sql_media fires just fine and
deletes what it is supposed to. However, when the $sql_element_low query
gets called, it'll echo out just fine, but won't execute.

                $sql_media = "DELETE FROM media WHERE
                //echo $sql_media."</br>";

                mysql_query($sql_media) or die(mysql_error());

                $table = tableNumToName($_POST["tbl"]);

                $sql_element_low = "UPDATE $table SET medialow=NULL WHERE
                echo $sql_element_low."<br>";

                mysql_query($sql_element_low) or die(mysql_error());

Any ideas?


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