Thanks for the quick response. I'm pretty sure it's legal to have MySQL
column names that begin with numbers. I do plenty of other queries on the
same database without incident. You might be thinking of the rule in PHP
where variables can't start with numbers. Found that one out the hard way.
By that time it was too late to change the column names to make writing
queries easier. Live 'n learn.

And if you look at the code I posted, there is mysql_query($sql_element_low)
or die(mysql_error()); but it does not return an error.

That's why I'm so baffled here. Everything SEEMS to be right.

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> PHP.
> I don't think you can have column names that start with a number. Are
> you sure you didn't mean to write:
> $sql_element_low = "UPDATE $table SET medialow=NULL WHERE
> ".$table."contentID=".$_POST["id"]."";
> Otherwise, try adding a simple
> die (mysql_error());
> after the offending line and see what PHP tells you.
> Marco
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