> Hi,
> Since i dont know any mysql group, i will try here - it is 
> anyway related to
> php.
> When i want to make php/mysql application i have mysql on the 
> server and i
> connect to it with mysql_pconnect("localhost","root","") and it works.
> I assume that any user or hacker could connect to mysql 
> database like this.
> So, i want to create my database and i want to limit access 
> to this database
> for some usernames and passwords. I know MSSQL or Interbase 
> can do it - but
> how i do this in mysql.
> If this is offtopic can someone point me to any mysql newsgroup.

I would say this is very offtopic, but this query should do the trick:
        GRANT select, update, insert ON your_db_name.* TO
your_username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'your_password'
Take a look in the MySQL manual for more details on GRANT.

To set a password for root you can use the mysqladmin command:
        mysqladmin -u root password your_new_pwd
Note that the word password here really is the word password!
Or you could run this query on the mysql db.
        SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost=PASSWORD('your_new_pwd');

> Other question is: if i need to make application which uses 
> credit cards,
> how can i increase security for it. I have heard about https 
> protocol, but
> dont know much about it. Any link would be appreciated.

You have to look in your webserver's manual for this.

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