Jeff Stern wrote:

it turns out it is probably a bug -- firebird does not have this behavior, but interbase does. they do not think it is an easysoft issue. they think if we juse use firebird here we will be fine.

but we cannot risk switching to firebird, here. my IP dept would never go for it. maybe an upgrade to ib 7 would fix it, i don't know.. i am still looking further into it. anyone have any contacts at interbase?

I don't know anything about BLOBs under ODBC, but I could help you with
direct Interbase connectivity, which I use extensively (but not for text
fields - it makes it difficult and slow to search).
Let me know if you need help with direct connection BLOB handling under
Interbase. I am using Firebird, not that it should make any difference.

Just to sum up the problem, Interbase 6 and 6.5 (not sure about 7, I will check) does not allow you to do a literal insert into a blob, ie

insert into blob_table ( blob_column ) values( 'hello' );

The only way it can be done, is via a bound parameter, that allows the ODBC driver, to catch the fact its a blob, and to use the correct methods to create and insert the blob.

I only discovered that firebird supported this, when I was about to demonstrate to someone here, how the problem happened, and to my suprise, it didn't.

The only other way I could suggest would involve adding support in php_odbc for binding parameters, that wouldn't be that difficult, but as the last few changes I did to php_odbc have either been backed out or altered to fit different drivers, I don't know what the developers want to do.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited

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