> hmm, interesting to know the mysql_fetch_array() by default returns an
> array
> that's associative AND numeric - very useful to know & something i'll
> to look into more, thanks Jason.
> Thanks also John, puting curley braces around the variables is a
> lesson - works wonderfully - cheers.
> i do have one more problem though, i need to run the loop a 2nd time
> in the page in exactly the same way, but nothing is returned.
> i just copied & pasted the code from one section of the page to the
> do i need to reset one of the vaiables?
> <select name="dept">
>   <option>-select-</option>
>   <?PHP
>   while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result_dept)){
>     echo "<option value=\"{$row['dept']}\">{$row['dept']}</option>\n";
>   }
>   ?>
> </select>

Put the options into a variable and just echo it out where you need it.

$options = "<option>-select-</option>\n";
while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result))
{ $options .= "<option value=\"{$row[0]}\">{$row[0]}</option>\n"; }

And wherever you need a select statement, just 

<select name="dept">

---John Holmes...

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