At 10:40 AM 11/29/02 +1100, Gavin Amm wrote:
hmm, interesting to know the mysql_fetch_array() by default returns an array
that's associative AND numeric - very useful to know & something i'll have
to look into more, thanks Jason.
Using PHP's built in template system...

$result_dept = mysql_query( "SELECT DepartmentID, Department
                             FROM Departments
                             ORDER BY Department" );

<select name="dept">
  <? while( extract( mysql_fetch_array($result_dept, MYSQL_ASSOC))) : ?>
  <option value="<?=$DepartmentID?>"<?=$Department?></option>
  <? endwhile ?>

i do have one more problem though, i need to run the loop a 2nd time later
in the page in exactly the same way, but nothing is returned.
i just copied & pasted the code from one section of the page to the next.
do i need to reset one of the vaiables?



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