hi people,
I'm having a little trouble getting sessions to work properly with php.
I have put session_start(); on all pages before any data is printed. The
session will start on the first loading of the page but after a link is
clicked the session seems to die i have no idea why.

for the links on the pages i have included the SID constant like so:
<a href='index.php" . SID . "&action=whatever'>Link</a> but after a link
is clicked the links them appear to lose the reference to the SID
constant so instead of looking like

<a href='index.php?PHPSESS=s8743vbkuwivn7&action=whatever>Link</a>

they look like

<a href='index.php?&action=whatever'>Link</a>

the session_start(); isn't right at the start of the pages, its a few
lines after but none of the lines before session_start(); print any
data, they only store data in variables...does that matter??

I'm completely stumped trying to get this to work properly.

can anyone offer any suggestions?
Thanks heaps.

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