> I'm having a little trouble getting sessions to work properly with
> I have put session_start(); on all pages before any data is printed.
> session will start on the first loading of the page but after a link
> clicked the session seems to die i have no idea why.
> for the links on the pages i have included the SID constant like so:
> <a href='index.php" . SID . "&action=whatever'>Link</a> but after a
> is clicked the links them appear to lose the reference to the SID
> constant so instead of looking like
> <a href='index.php?PHPSESS=s8743vbkuwivn7&action=whatever>Link</a>
> they look like
> <a href='index.php?&action=whatever'>Link</a>
> the session_start(); isn't right at the start of the pages, its a few
> lines after but none of the lines before session_start(); print any
> data, they only store data in variables...does that matter??

No, it shouldn't.

So, the links are correct on one page, and they disappear on the second
page? Is there a reason you're passing the SID in the URL and not using

Hmmm, found this in the manual. Maybe it applies?

The constant SID can also be used to retrieve the current name and
session id as a string suitable for adding to URLs. Note that SID is
only defined if the client didn't sent the right cookie. See also
Session handling. 

You may have to call session_id() with the passed value of
$_GET['PHPSESSID'] so that PHP knows what session to restart. 

---John Holmes...

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