Yes that makes sense, but it is pretty much the same thing I was doing and
it's producing the same results.  Its basically putting the first element in
all 4 table cells.  The thing is...I am only selecting from one field.  Im
trying to get the 4 elements of the column with each pass.  So in essence I
am trying to get the pointer to move down the array 4 positions within one
pass through the loop.  If I had any kind of logicl skills I probably could
get it:)


"Ryan Jameson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
while ($ar = mysql_fetch_array($rs))
  echo "<tr><td>". $ar['field1']."</td><td>".$ar['field2']."</td></tr>";

Make sense?

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I am pulling one column out of a MySQL table in an array.  I want to place
each element into a HTML table 4 rows across.  I am currently doing this
with the mysql_fetch_array() function. How can I pull out 4 array elements
in one pass through a while loop?


Art Chevalier

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