I've tried your way...
And it works....
It's more simple than using pure PHP :D

Thank you very much !!!

I'll inform you when the game is finished...


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i'd probably go for flags/symbols of some sort as well, because as you
there are more variations available.

to demonstrate what i meant in ASCII :)

  /        /
 /        /    <--- HTML/DIV layer containing flags
  /        /
 /        /    <--- Simple GIF/JPEG map image

you would have to store the coordinates of the cities in the db, and
dynamically (php/mysql) generate the top layer, containing all of the
cities, in their correct locations, according to the map.

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// Remote Host.
// I think we should talk in private email....
// Well,
// I've a complete MAP from my friend... it contains 93 cities... and if
// each city is owned by one user... so that's mean I need 93 cities
// symbols right ??
// I juz want your suggestion...
// Is it good to make a color symbols, or a 'flag' symbols...
// Me myself prefer the 'flag' one... so users can create their own flag
// (ex : flag like US Flag, or English Flag, or even a custom flag)...
// because it easy to manage with mysql....
// A color my quite cool too... but I'm afraid... I can provide 93
// different colors....
// --www.kapsul.org--
//       DuFronte

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