I took a look at the catalog design here (
and I want to do something even more crazy.

I want to assign different pricelists over all or some products.
Product categories will have many to many relationship with products,
sub-categories the same and I will also have different product styles
with different prices. Each product will need to have
or fixed or variable price....

Any idea about where I could take a look inside of SAP or something
like this ?


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lots of excellent resources on, notably a PHPShop tutorial
and a catalogue implementation.

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> Hi list,
> I am trying to develop a product catalog using MySQL and PhP.
> A long time I was looking for some tips for the database
> structure.
> The idea is to have a powerfull and as much as possible
> universal DB application.
> Does anyone have an idea of a book, e-book, site, resource please ?
> Thanks
> Hynek
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