Don't be offended:
SQL For Dummies

One of the best SQL primers I've ever read.  I STILL keep my copy handy.

Once you get through that and a few thousand queries under your belt, Joe
Celko's SQL for Smarties is a great reference. (I recommended it earlier
today to someone, dig that out and it's got a URL)

Depending on the products in your catalog, this could be a daunting. I've
got 1 catalog system that has 10 tables just to describe the products. (All
interrelated, makes for a pretty ER diagram!) But if your needs are simple
AND well defined, it could be a good starter project.

Oh, and don't forget Paul Dubois book on MySQL.  I've not yet purchased a
copy (sorry Paul) but the parts I've leafed through at the bookstore looked
very good.

Also, join the MySQL mailing list. (Paul actually hangs out over there)


* Cal Evans
* The Virtual CIO

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Hi list,

I am trying to develop a product catalog using MySQL and PhP.
A long time I was looking for some tips for the database
The idea is to have a powerfull and as much as possible
universal DB application.

Does anyone have an idea of a book, e-book, site, resource please ?


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