> DOH!!!  I am seriously hoping that I do not need to have the Oracle
> client installed on the webserver running the PHP queries.  I have no idea
> about the client licensing, and if it involves money in any way it is
> much out of the question.  Oh well...  Hopefully I can find out about this
> stuff from one of our DBAs.

You definitively need the oracle client installed onto your webserver. Don't
worry, you should find it for free, AFAIK. Ask your dba, he would be able to
help you. Otherwise, you should download it from www.oracle.com (download /
archived products / oracle8). you can't download just the client, you have
to get the entire oracle (500 Mb!!).

> database to perform my query?  I notice that there is a Oracle function in
> PHP called ora_logon.  This function description mentions something about

about Ora_logon  : this comes from the old "oracle" extension
(php_oracle.dll). You would rather use Ocilogon and friends, from the newer
php_oci.dll. It's much better. oci* functions can be used against a Oracle7
or an Oracle8 database. ora$ functions are limited to Oracle 7, and with
less features.

Finally, try this simple tutorial
http://www.thickbook.com/extra/php_oracle.phtml to connect to Oracle. An
other one at http://www.phpworld.com/articles/2000.03/oracle_000.html.
See also http://phporacleadmin.org/ to manage a remote oracle database.

hope this helps !

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