> My client has a website in which a customer will be purchasing gift
> certificates online.  They don't need a comprehensive e-commerce
> just simple information passed across a secure connection, such as:
> names, passwords, credit cards and mailing addresses.  We already have
> MySQL db set up with the gift certificate "package" information.  I
> need to be able to store the customer information for retrieval later
> the
> owners of the site.

So is the MySQL database on a different machine? If it is, and you're
talking about sending data securely to it, then using MySQL4/PHP4.3 or
an SSH tunnel like Marco said are your options. If it's on the same
machine, then you don't have to worry about this. Or are you talking
about storing it securely, i.e. encrypting it within the database?

Don't take this the wrong way, but unless you really, really know what
you're doing, please don't store credit card numbers anywhere in your

---John W. Holmes...

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