The MySQL db is on the same machine as the website.  It has the following
set up on it:
Server Information:
 + PHP v. 4.2.3
 + Apache 1.3.26
 + MySQL 3.23.53
 + SSL
Because I don't know much about SSL what would be the best way to get the
client the CC information, since you don't recommend storing it in a db?  So
I know which way to pursue more research on this topic.  Thanks for the help
and direction so far.


"John W. Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > My client has a website in which a customer will be purchasing gift
> > certificates online.  They don't need a comprehensive e-commerce
> package,
> > just simple information passed across a secure connection, such as:
> user
> > names, passwords, credit cards and mailing addresses.  We already have
> a
> > MySQL db set up with the gift certificate "package" information.  I
> just
> > need to be able to store the customer information for retrieval later
> by
> > the
> > owners of the site.
> So is the MySQL database on a different machine? If it is, and you're
> talking about sending data securely to it, then using MySQL4/PHP4.3 or
> an SSH tunnel like Marco said are your options. If it's on the same
> machine, then you don't have to worry about this. Or are you talking
> about storing it securely, i.e. encrypting it within the database?
> Don't take this the wrong way, but unless you really, really know what
> you're doing, please don't store credit card numbers anywhere in your
> system.
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