I am having a small problem when it comes to updating some tables that I
have. tblmembers and tbloptions are both linked together with the exact
same userid #. here is the code i have been using...

                        mysql_query("UPDATE tbloptions SET
strColorPref='$tmpColorPref' strTextPref='$tmpTextPref'
strLinkPref='$tmpLinkPref' strALinkPref='$tmpALinkPref' WHERE
                        mysql_query("UPDATE tblmembers SET
strAction='Successfully updated user settings on $logdate.' WHERE

Now, heres where i am confused, the second update statement for
tblmembers, works fine, no problems. The variables listed in both
statements work, i have tested them.

The second statement however does not seem to insert the data into the
table at all. no errors are returned, all seems good, but the data isn't
there. i have privileges set for both tables properly. i can't figure it
out, if anyone can help, please reply. :)

Hartleigh Burton

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