On Sunday 15 December 2002 09:24, Hartleigh Burton wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having a small problem when it comes to updating some tables that I
> have. tblmembers and tbloptions are both linked together with the exact
> same userid #. here is the code i have been using...
>                       mysql_query("UPDATE tbloptions SET
> strColorPref='$tmpColorPref' strTextPref='$tmpTextPref'
> strLinkPref='$tmpLinkPref' strALinkPref='$tmpALinkPref' WHERE
> strIDent='$_SESSION[strIDent]'");
>                       mysql_query("UPDATE tblmembers SET
> strAction='Successfully updated user settings on $logdate.' WHERE
> strIDent='$_SESSION[strIDent]'");
> Now, heres where i am confused, the second update statement for
> tblmembers, works fine, no problems. The variables listed in both
> statements work, i have tested them.
> The second statement however does not seem to insert the data into the
> table at all. no errors are returned, all seems good, but the data isn't
> there. i have privileges set for both tables properly. i can't figure it
> out, if anyone can help, please reply. :)

I'm assuming that in your last paragraph you mean the FIRST statement doesn't 

First, no errors are returned because you're not testing for it? You should 
_always_ use something like:

  mysql_query('...') or die(mysql_error());

Second, the reason why it fails is because you need commas between the items 
in your SET clause:

  UPDATE table SET col1 = 'val1', col2 = 'val2' ...

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