I need to use PHP to duplicate the schema of a database. This seems like
it should be a simple task -- taking a 'template' db and cloning it with
a new name. 

I've tried things like:

                $filename = "myDB.sql";
                $fd = fopen ($filename, "r");
                $sql = fread ($fd, filesize ($filename));
                fclose ($fd);


                $lines = file($filename);
                foreach ($lines as $line_num => $line) { $sql .= $line;

                $sql .= "CREATE TABLE IP_Dept (";
                $sql .= "  IP_Addr int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default
                $sql .= "  DeptID int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default
                $sql .= ");";
                $sql .= "CREATE TABLE ResolveTable (";
                $sql .= "  IP_Addr int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default
                $sql .= "  Name char(255) NOT NULL default '',";
                $sql .= "  Custom char(1) default NULL,";
                $sql .= "  Global char(1) default 'Y',";
                $sql .= "  OSVersion char(255) default NULL,";
                $sql .= "  RowID int(10) unsigned NOT NULL
                $sql .= "  Display enum('Yes','No') NOT NULL default
                $sql .= "  PRIMARY KEY  (RowID)";
                $sql .= ");";
        echo "<PRE>".$sql."</PRE><P>";
        $result = mysql_query($sql,$linkI);

But ALL of them fail! Ugh!!! Can I not stack commands like that? Is
there some way to read in a .sql file via PHP?  The problem is that my
web pages are on a web server and the db is on a mysql server which are
different machines, so calling a system() or other execute style
function won't work for me.

I figured, "Ah! Why don't I just make a template db on the server and
issue some SQL command to 'clone' that and rename it". You'd think that
was pretty straight forward, but I can't find any examples or commands
to do this seemingly trivial task. Ideas?

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