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> This method copies the data, but doesn't copy 'Extra' stuff like
> "auto_increment".

I've used the following before:


You could probably do something like this.

1) Pick the database (SHOW DATABASES);

2) Create new database

3) List the tables in the database (SHOW TABLES FROM $database)

4) For each table in the database, do the following:

    a) SHOW CREATE TABLE $tablename
    b) perform the above query on the new database

    c) transfer the data

If the databases are on the same server, I think you can do (c) as the

INSERT INTO $new_database.$tablename SELECT * FROM $old_database.$tablename;

If it's a remote server, I think it would require you to do it in PHP

Hope that helps.


Paul Burney

    while ($self != "asleep") {

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