On Tuesday 17 December 2002 14:42, David wrote:
> Hello,
> I am pretty new to PHP and I am trying to create a admin login page so my
> client can view thier product line and orders.  I have MySQL set-up
> properly and have data in it and I am able to view information from the db
> with no problem. I do all my testing on my local machine before I blast it
> to the main web server.  I am using 2000XP Pro, Apache/1.3.23 (Win32) and
> PHP Ver. 4.2.3.  The main webserver is a Unix system.
> The problem I am having is I created a login.php and a include page called
> admin.inc.php.  I tried to log-in but the login.php reloads and the login
> fields are blank. It should go to the admin.php or give me some type of
> error.  I get no errors message.  I was getting errors earlier but I forgot
> to put a ; on one line.

If you've set error reporting to maximum (error_reporting  =  E_ALL) and 
you're still not getting any errors then it must be some faulty logic in your 

> I going to copy my login.php and admin.inc.php code hoping that someone
> could help my and point out what am I over looking.  I put a #pound sign in
> front of the code, I hope this is ok.

Rather than debug your code for you, here are a couple of pointers:

1) Bypass the login page, hardcode the login details and see whether that gets 
you logged in.

2) Use print_r() on your major variables in strategic places in your code to 
see what's happening to them as they pass through your code.

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