i'm having a problem with session Id.
I want to pass it through the pages of my site but I use a menu, a javascript menu 
with links...
i have a main page with authentification..
i register variables like name and password...but on the page linked by the menu there 
is started another session with session_start()
The code for each page looks like these:
1. main page
a form (POST)with textfiedls for name and pass

2. the val.php page
<?php session_start(); ?>
<?php $name_req=$_POST['namefield'];

//if I print the variables now ...they are correct...
then load a link to another page... index1.php

<?php session_start(); ?>
and others...
contains the menu....in javascript( another page menu.js ) with links like page2.php 
or page2.html

4. page2.php
<?php session_start(); ?>
and when I print the variables registered....


what can I do?
thanks in advanced...

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