Thanks, but what I want to do is check if a number is in the first 3, not return the first three. If returning the first three and seeing if any of them matches is the only way, I'll do that, but it doesn't seem that great for the server.

SELPH,JASON (HP-Richardson,ex1) wrote:

select myfield from table order by myfield DESC limit 3

That will return the last 3 records in your database where the highest
number is the last. Think of it as sorting by that number in reverse and
only returning the first 3.


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I need a way to check if a number is in the bottom three of a column in my database. For example, if I had a list of number in my table like this:
I might need to know if 5 was in the bottom three, which it would be. But if I checked 60, it wouldn't be. I could check the lowest number and add 3 to it, but it may have gaps. Any ideas?

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