> Sorry. Stupid technospeak on my part.

No problem, much ignorance on my part.

> When you connect to the database, you tell it to use a particular
> username and password. When these new tables were created, did you
> change the permissions in the mysql table for the user, or does that
> account have access to all the tables/databases? Basically, did you
> grant or change permissions when the new tables were created?

I created a database called squirrelmail. I was logged in as root when I
created it, but after I created the database, I typed:
GRANT select,insert,update,delete ON squirrelmail.* TO
squirreluser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'sqpassword';

> BTW, CRUD = Create, Read, Update, Delete

I was wondering what that meant!

It looks like the changes take now, but I have to logout of squirrelmail and
log back in for them to take effect. Any ideas?



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