> I also followed a guide showed on PHP website about ora_do functions. But
> when I tried that guide it did work.

php_oracle.dll (deprecated) : for the "ora_*" function, like ora_logon for
php_oci.dll : for the "oci*" functions, like ocilogon and friends.

the oci functions are newest, and better than the older ora functions. I
suggest you to avoid using php_oracle.dll. With php_oci.dll, you can access
both oracle 7 and oracle 8 databases.

> It had error "Unable to load dynamic libaray -
> 'C:\php\extensions\php_oracle.dll' - The specified module could not be
> found". When I tried another DLL php_oci8.dll. I also met that erro.
> In fact those files DLL are already existed. I don't know why.

You have to uncomment php_oci.dll in php.ini if you are on windows

> Maybe it needs some configurations but I don't know how to configure.
the "oracle client" is needed : your dba should be able to help you to
install it. You can download it from www.oracle.com.

See http://www.thickbook.com/extra/php_oracle.phtml for a simple tutorial


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