if ($user_logins=sybase_select_db("user_logins",$user_data)) {
        if ($query=sybase_query("select * from user_logins",$user_logins)) {
                if ($sybobj=sybase_fetch_object($query)) {
                        echo $sybobj.username;
                        echo $sybobj.password;
                } else echo "Object err";
        } else echo "Query err";
} else echo "Select err";

i m a newbie to php and sybase
i know the thing above is quite foolish as i know some calls will do the
connect stuff
but i just write by logic and the results was "Select err" on the homepage
i m quite stuck with the msg and i dun even know if i handle the calls in
correct steps
pls correct me for any errors in the code

bg info:
sybase is up and running with the db user_logins with 1 row inside it

thx a lot

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