Robert Wagner wrote:
At I located PHP Triad, but I'm a bit nervous, although
the overall ratings for the package are high. Here are my concerns:
  1) Some people couldn't install it all.
  2) Apparently it MUST be installed on drive C. While I have over 500
MB in C:,
       it's merely my boot drive in a multi-boot installation. I
normally boot to my
       WinXP partition. I'd rather install it elsewhere.
  3) I do want to install it under Win XP.
  4) I already have MySQL installed, and I'm guessing that it's a later

Do any of these represent serious barriers to installing PHP Triad?

another WAMP that i use is they use apache 2.0 and a 4.2.x php. forget the mysql version.

but why not install it yourself.

php requires about 3-4 lines added to apache's conf file. php requires maybe 2-3 mods in the it's ini file.

mysql is a no brainer install...

i recently upgraded my foxserv install by doing each one manually. after a few hours of almost killing myself, i got it down to about 15 minutes. that's total for all 3. i didnt want to go through foxserv since they install perl and a few others i didnt want. (plus the first time, it nearly killed my programming machine...).

Leo G. Divinagracia III


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