Yep. Been using Mac OS X (10.1 - 10.2.3) with mySQL no problems. I built it from source first time, but now I just use Mac OS X packages from Mark Liyanage. You can find them here. Also he has a good pre-compiled PHP4 you can download and use.


Thanks folks - persistence pays off and so does group discussions . I had chmodded the uploads directory to 777 but it was within the public_html directory with different file permissions so I guess public_html permissions were taking presidence. After reading all of your suggestions... a little light turned on and I moved the uploads directory outside of the public-html directory and Volia!

Uploading file...
File uploaded successfully

Preview of uploaded file contents:
THIS IS A TEST.........

Thanks Again.
Anyone using a Macintosh with MySql? That is my next goal.

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