I have been developing a Java Swing UI for MySQL and I am to a point where I
need to have some PHP developers try it out. This is NOT an interface that
manages your databases, tables and columns. What it does is allows you to
connect to a database on your MySQL server, select a table and get a list of
its column names. You then select an HTML form element from a pull down
menu, such as, a text field or radio button, and drag and drop the column
name into your text editor. It concatenates the column name, the html and
the PHP for you.

I am especially interested in having the PHP code that the application
writes evaluated. I want it to be generic enough to accommodate a lot of
different coding styles but not so simple that it does not save the
developer any time writing repetitive code, which is the point.

It should run on any Java virtual machine supporting JDBC-1.2 or JDBC-2.0
(JDK-1.2 or higher) and connect to any MySQL server supporting version 9 or
10 of the MySQL protocol.

I have tested it on MacOSX and Windows 2000. I would like to know how it
behaves on Linux or other systems running the latest JVM.

If you would like to test a demo feel free to contact me off list.


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