OK, this isn't really a DB question, but it is definitely a PHP
question.  I am working on customizing a calendar application for my group's
use and noticed that there is a function that has to do with a mouseover
effect.  The problem is that this mouseover does not appear to do anything.
Could one of you gurus take a look at this function and see if you can spot
anything wrong?  Thanks.

// getEvent() displays events on the calendar for IE browsers //
// This distinction is made because IE is currently the only  //
// browser on which the javascript mouseover effects work.    //
function getEventIE($ID, $LinkTitle, $AbbrTitle, $Date) {
  $LinkTitle =ereg_replace("'","’",$LinkTitle);
  $AbbrTitle =ereg_replace("'","’",$AbbrTitle);
  echo "<script>

        This function is called from another page as such:

if ($ver >= 4) {
  echo "<br>\n";
  getEventIE($CDCI, $CDTi, "$showName", $queryDate);

        Thanks again.

Scott Nipp
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