You are correct.  I have found the JS that the dLink references.
Here it is if there are any JS experts out there who want to take a gander.

// expandItems() calls a javascript that replaces one string of //
// text with another on mouseover (IE only)                     //
function expandItems() {
<script language="JavaScript"><!--
var no=0;

function mover(object,text) {
eval(object + '.innerText = text');

function mout(object,text) {
eval(object + '.innerText = text');

function dLink(href,text,txet) {
document.write('<a href="'+href+'"
onMouseOver="mover(\'link'+no+'\',\''+text+'\')" id="link'+no+'"

        Thanks again.

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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] Mouseover question...

>       OK, this isn't really a DB question, but it is definitely a PHP
> question.  I am working on customizing a calendar application for my
> group's
> use and noticed that there is a function that has to do with a
> effect.  The problem is that this mouseover does not appear to do
> anything.
> Could one of you gurus take a look at this function and see if you can
> spot
> anything wrong?  Thanks.
> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> // getEvent() displays events on the calendar for IE browsers //
> // This distinction is made because IE is currently the only  //
> // browser on which the javascript mouseover effects work.    //
> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> function getEventIE($ID, $LinkTitle, $AbbrTitle, $Date) {
>   $LinkTitle =ereg_replace("'","&#146;",$LinkTitle);
>   $AbbrTitle =ereg_replace("'","&#146;",$AbbrTitle);
>   echo "<script>
>   dLink('./event.php?ID=$ID&Date=$Date','$LinkTitle','$AbbrTitle');
>   </script>\n\n";
> }
>       This function is called from another page as such:
> if ($ver >= 4) {
>   echo "<br>\n";
>   getEventIE($CDCI, $CDTi, "$showName", $queryDate);

That function has nothing to do with mouseovers. Maybe the dLink()
function does, but this is all user functions, so there's no telling
what they do. Mouseovers have nothing to do with PHP. PHP can simply
echo the javascript code required to create the mouseover effect.

---John W. Holmes...

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