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<<I have an query:

select * from offtime where type='$type'

then I just pass the type variable to the page.  Is
there a wildcard in mysql like there is in sqlserver
that I can use to grab all the records? such as select
* from offtime where type='%' would grab all. >>

Yes, MySQL has a wild card. It is % for a string of
characters or _ for a single character. You can say
things like where type like 'tp%'. However, if all you
want to do is get all the records from a table, you can
do that with:

SELECT * FROM offtime

Wild cards are used more for things like:

SELECT * FROM offtime WHERE type LIKE 'tp%'

You can also do pattern matching with regular
expressions using REGEXP

Janet Valade
author, PHP and MySQL for Dummies

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