I am working on a script that will authenticate on a central system my
company has devised for us to use (LDAP) and then authenticate them to
other sites that I want them to access (Online Databases and other
electronic resources I do not control but pay lots of money for all
students to access).

I have seen this done on a product produced by Epixtech called RPA
(Remote Patron Authentication). This is an authentication system that
avoids using a proxy server. It basically handles the authentication
(LDAP) and sends the appropriate information to the other secure
source (Online Database, Electronic Resources, or my online catalog's
patron information.) Typically there are multiple ways it will
authenticate for the user to other resources. URL referer, ip
authentication, fill in an user/password form for the user. I just
can't get the user/password portion to work on a protected site. My tests of sending post information to another one of my scripts works fine. But it doesn't work as of yet.

I have worked a bit with scripts that send post information through
sendToHost function (fsockopen and fputs). But nothing is really
working here. Does anyone know how I should go about this? All
suggestions will be great!

Thanks a bunch,


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