One reason you might be having difficulty is if the remote host does the
basic authentication procedure of checking that the username/password is
being submitted from a specific host or script (in which case it will see
that you're attempting to submit the information from somewhere else and
won't allow it). Have you verified with the owners of the remote application
that what you are trying to do is not prevented?


> I am afraid I am not communicating what I am trying to do.
> I have multiple databases that my library purchases.  FirstSearch, 
> Ebscohost, etc.  These company's have there own 
> authentication systems that 
> I have no control over.  A lot of them give user names and 
> passwords that 
> can access their secure database; however I will not give out this 
> information to students.  I want to design a system that will log the 
> students on directly without them ever seeing the log in screen.
> A)  Does this make sense in what I am trying to do?
> B)  How can I do it?

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