try steping like this:
1. select all you have to find; like dates[][] ..the result is a matrix if you have 
more then one field
2. register that values with session_register("dates")
3. in every page you have to put a starting counter with it you have to display the 
values starting with... like "show_results.php?start=100" 
and the next "show_results.php?start=110"
4. in "show_results.php" you have to extract the parameter with GET 
and global $dates; display the $dates[$start_counter=$i]...


On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:57:42 +0100, Markus Mirsberger wrote
> Hi,
> I got the following ( simple :) ) problem. I have like 1 million 
> keys and I want to browse through them"show next 10" or 
> "show last 10" or "show next" or "show last" for example. this is 
> pretty easy in mysql but for some reason not in oracle:) The first 
> solution I had is to have a subselect where I select all data, 
> number it and select the data I want to show from this subselect. 
> But every single site takes ages to load and its not very 
> intelligent to get all data first, number it and then just select 
> like 100 rows from that subselect :) I think many people have/had 
> this problem but I didnt find anything while searching the web.
> -- 
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