On Wednesday 15 January 2003 03:23, Mignon Hunter wrote:
> Hello list,
> I submitted this problem earlier but got no response so I thought I'd
> elaborate.
> The code below successfully displays all of the problems from the db.
> Based on what is chosen here, needs to go into another table in the db
> along with a customer tracking id.
> for($knt = 0;$row = mysql_fetch_row($res3); $knt++)
>       {
>       $cat_detail = $row[0];
>       echo "<tr><td><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"prob[]\" value =
>       \"$cat_detail\"></td> <td> $cat_detail </td>"
>       ."<td> High <input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"level[]\"
>       value=\"1\"></td>"
>       ."<td> Med <input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"level[]\"
>       value=\"2\"></td>"
>       ."<td> Low <input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"level[]\"
>       value=\"3\"></td>"
>       ."<td><center><input type=\"checkbox\"  name=\"yes\"> Yes
>       </center></td></tr>";
>       }
> When this page is submitted, I can successfully capture $prob[]  - but I
> am having no luck in pulling the corresponding $level[] (if one was
> checked).  So my form - once submitted - may look like:
> Problem one           (no priority picked)
> Problem two           High priority
> Problem three         Low priority
> My $prob[] would be:          My $level[] would be:
> $prob[0]: Problem one         $level[0]:      High
> $prob[1]: Problem two         $level[1]:      Low
> $prob[2]: Problem three
> So as you can see my second problem does not correctly correspond to the
> correct priority.  The first (or all) element(s) in the level array may
> be null.

The reason is that:

1) unchecked checkboxes do not make it into php
2) because you're not specifying an index for the array (level[]), php will 
create it for you automatically

So instead of using just 


specify the level explicitly:

  name="level[0]", name="level[1]", etc

NB you should do the same for prob[] as well.

Having done that then in your example you should get something like:

 $prob[0]: Problem one
 $prob[1]: Problem two          $level[1]:      High
 $prob[2]: Problem three        $level[2]:      Low

NB that $level[0] is undefined.

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