> I am currently building a website for a cinema - and a cinema week
> from Thursday, to Wednesday.
> I need some help with how to get PHP to work with one week periods,
> having the week starting on a Thursday, instead of Sunday, or Monday.
> The "week" will be used to generate dynamic list boxes, and database
> queries...
> Anyone done anything like this before that may be able to shed a
> light?
> If anyone is experienced with this sort of "date manipulation" let me
> what info you need and I will provide it where possible.

I think it's all kind of specific to what you want to create. 

If you want a drop down box filled with dates from the past Thursday to
the next Wednesday, for example, you can find the date of the last
Thursday with strtotime("last Thursday"), I think. Figure out how many
seconds are in a day and make a little loop that adds the seconds to
what you got from strtotime() and uses date() to format it. 

What database are you using? There are many functions that most
databases provide that can help with this, too.

---John Holmes...

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