We've been using PHP hosted on a win32 machine to connect 
to SQL Server 2000.  When the PHP host and the MSSQL host
are the same machine, everything is fine. But when we try
to use seperate hosts for PHP and MSSQL, query times become
unbearably slow.

The odd thing is that I can run the same scripts on the
same network connecting to the same MSSQL server from a Linux
box, and see acceptable response times.

As an example, I did a script that does 1000 iterations
of 'sp_sproc_columns @procudure_name = "some_proc"' in three
different setups.

Setup 1:
        MSSQL and PHP on the Win2k host, call it machine 'A'
        Average Response time over 5 iterations of script: 18s

Setup 2:
        MSSQL on host 'A', PHP on Linux host ('B')
        Average Response time over 5 iterations of script: 41s
        (Given the size of the result set, this is an acceptable
         response time.)

Setup 3:
        MSSQL on host 'A', PHP on seperate Win2k host ('C')
        Average Response time over 5 iterations: 3 minutes, 20s

Clearly, there is something wrong here. I had a different admin
set up a similar network without looking at my php.ini, etc., and
he had similar results.

So my questions are:
        1) Can anyone out there confirm or dispute these findings?
        2) Has anyone else attempted a setup similar to #3?
        3) Do any of you have ANY ideas what might cause this?

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