I have a list of email address in a mysql database and I would like to
create a link that when clicked pulls up your my mail program and mails to
everyone in the database.

<a href="mailto:ARRAY OF EMAIL ADDRESS">Mail to everyone</a>

Here is my code:

              <?  $userquery = "select * from users";
                  $myuserquery = mysql_query($userquery, $connection) or
die("Couldn't execute query.");
                  while($myresult = mysql_fetch_array($myuserquery)) {

                        $emailAddress = $myresult['emailAddress'];

                      $to[] = "$emailAddress";

               }  $maxTo = count($to);
                  for($count = 0; $count < $maxTo; $count++) {

                  $mailTo = $to[$count];
            <p><a href="mailto:<?=$mailTo;?>">mail To all my list</a>

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