hello and thank you for your time.
can you tell me why the below: i think this whole section is line 22 because whatever i change in these first four lines still has the error message point to line 22.
$cobj = mysql_db_query($dbname,"select * from category where id=$category"); //line 22
$crow = mysql_fetch_object($cobj);
$scobj = mysql_db_query($dbname,"select * from subcategory where category=$category");
$scrow = mysql_fetch_object($scobj);

<? echo $crow->name;?>
<? echo $scrow->name;?>

gives me this:
Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /users/infoserv/web/register/ca/direct.php on line 22

perhaps i should use something different. i am trying to print the results from two previous selections on this third page. the second page works with
$cobj = mysql_db_query($dbname,"select * from category where id=$category");
$crow = mysql_fetch_object($cobj);
<? echo $crow->name;?>

and then they make selection two...
thank you again. addison
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