> check out DATE_FORMAT in the mysql manual.  and acually you'll want
> year-month-day not year/month/day...if you're using the mysql defualt
> date.

Actually, you can use any delimiter with MySQL, so long as it's in year,
month, day order.
> DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), '%m/%d/%Y') ----- would return 01/22/2003
> When I insert a date into Mysql it has to be in year/month/day format
> else it wont go in right.
> how do I convert my date variable which is in month /day /year format
> year/month/day format?

Many ways. This question was just asked today, actually. Simple way is:

$part = explode("/",$your_date);
$mysql_date = $part[2] . $part[0] . $part[1];

for YYYYMMDD format, which is also valid. Adapt to your needs.

---John Holmes...

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