--- Shahar Tal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey
> I'm looking and wondering for a function, as i'm trying to do
> something, and
> here it is.
> I'm using the SSI call :
>  <!--#echo var="HTTP_HOST" -->.
> to get the domain name I am on. this will output
> www.domain.com.
> I would like to use PHP in order to take this string, the output,
> and cut
> the "www." and the ".com" from it, so only the "domain" will
> remain.
> ofcourse we can also have situations whith ".org" and ".net" and
> even where
> there's no "www." but the main thing I need is to remove whats
> after the second dot and before the first dot, along with the dots.
> I don't mind writing all the posibilities to the function, ie, all
> the
> possible extenstions that the function may need to cut, I just need
> it to
> take
> the text from the SSI, and cut everything but the "domain" part,
> which is
> the address itself.

You could use the str_replace() function. Put all the things you want
to eliminate into an array, $arr, and use the following:


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