function get_domain($domain){
   return $arr[2];

Shahar Tal wrote:


I'm looking and wondering for a function, as i'm trying to do something, and
here it is.

I'm using the SSI call :
<!--#echo var="HTTP_HOST" -->.
to get the domain name I am on. this will output

I would like to use PHP in order to take this string, the output, and cut
the "www." and the ".com" from it, so only the "domain" will remain.
ofcourse we can also have situations whith ".org" and ".net" and even where
there's no "www." but the main thing I need is to remove whats
after the second dot and before the first dot, along with the dots.

I don't mind writing all the posibilities to the function, ie, all the
possible extenstions that the function may need to cut, I just need it to
the text from the SSI, and cut everything but the "domain" part, which is
the address itself.

what would be the best way to do it?
thank you!!

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