I'm not sure how Paradox works, but it may be locking problems you are running into. I know Paradox used to have issues with data changing while a query was executing. On your home machine you are the only one accessing the DB, so there wouldn't be any contention. Your home DB probably hits the cache since the data isn't changing.
How busy is the DB at school?

There is really nothing in your question applicable to PHP. Have you tried a Paradox list?

On Friday, January 24, 2003, at 04:16 PM, Paolo Bonavoglia wrote:

Now something very strange happens: on my home PC the Select works perfectly and is executed in a flash, the web page appearing in less than one second.
On the Win2000 server the same SQL command behaves extremely slow and takes up to 60 seconds to execute and show, and is very often timed out. There is no difference executing the command directly on the server or from a PC connected to the server in the LAN.

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