Is it possible that the tables at school are not indexed?


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At 16:43 24/01/2003 24/01/2003, John A DAVIS wrote:
>We had a very sluggish SQL Server 7.0 and we tested the RAM chips and
>found one to be bad. It was throwing off a whole bank of chips (1gb). 
>Stuff is a lot faster now.
>Also, your indexes might be different on your tables. Indexing the
>fields, especially the joined fields and ID fields used in searches, 
>really helps big time.
>I'm no expert.
At 16:32 24/01/2003 24/01/2003, Brent Baisley wrote:
>I'm not sure how Paradox works, but it may be locking problems you are
>running into. I know Paradox used to have issues with data changing
>a query was executing. On your home machine you are the only one
>the DB, so there wouldn't be any contention. Your home DB probably hits

>the cache since the data isn't changing.
>How busy is the DB at school?

         Thanks a lot for your suggestions; sometimes Paradox does have 
locking problem ... but the DB at school is not very busy, and the
and web pages I am using are still private, in a password protected
Indexes are identical So I'm still in doubt. I have checked RAM and
at school but everything seems Ok.

         And I've found something even more strange: I've splitted the
query in two: the first uses just the first two tables, and the output 
table is then visited with a PhP while {} loop which at every step
a simple SQL SELECT on the third table; I thought this a much less 
efficient method to make the web page, and so it is on my home PC, where
takes some 3 or 4 seconds to complete (instead of 1 sec or less); but on

the school server the web page takes "only" 15-20 sec, a lot less than 
before (60sec and even more)! A 3 tables join is too much for the

         So I've found a (not so good) solution to the problem, but I
do not understand it's nature and this is quite disappointing.

>There is really nothing in your question applicable to PHP. Have you 
>a Paradox list?

         I'll try, but using the Paradox 9 program the SQL Select
in a flash at home and at school, there is no measurable difference;
the problem is with the ODBC Paradox driver?

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