This would make a whole lot more sense within a context...such as how busy is your application, what kind of connection you are using (pconnect vs. connect) and so on.

A quick search on MySQL's web site resulted in:

Be sure to check out general messages in the mailing list archives as well and Google.

Good luck.

Addison Ellis wrote:

hello and thank you.
    any idea what this means? i have not touched or changed my
config.php file since i put it up the first time... it contains my db
connect info. also, i just downloaded it from the server to see if it
had been modified and it had not. thanks again and best, addison

Warning: Too many connections in
/users/infoserv/web/register/ca/admin/config.php on line 5

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in
/users/infoserv/web/register/ca/admin/config.php on line 5

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