> any idea what this means? i have not touched or changed my
> config.php file since i put it up the first time... it contains my db
> connect info. also, i just downloaded it from the server to see if it
> had been modified and it had not. thanks again and best, addison
> Warning: Too many connections in
> /users/infoserv/web/register/ca/admin/config.php on line 5
> Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in
> /users/infoserv/web/register/ca/admin/config.php on line 5

It's exactly what it say, there are too many connections to your MySQL
server. By default, you can have 100 connections to a MySQL server. If you
have a ton of traffic, you will need to increase that limit so that you
don't get errors like this. If you don't have enough traffic to generate 100
connections at the same time, then run a SHOW PROCESSLIST on your MySQL
server to see if you have a query locking things up and everything else is
waiting (did this the other day, oops!)

---John Holmes...

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