flash is server independent.  if you call a flash file on another server it
is much like calling an image on another server.

yes, PHP can feed flash(info from a DB...to keep this on topic).  And flash
can send back infomation to PHP via get and post variables(not sure about
the post).  I've run into some issues with the variables not making it
through to many DNS hops from flash to PHP mostly with internal->external
systems.  we tracked usage of a flash move with php and found it easier to
install PHP on the machine that flash was running on to get the best
results(all Solaris/Apache).

and is it really ever more efficient to go the micro$oft route ;-)

in fact the flash designer here just sent this to me today as we're getting
into lot of projects of this sort....


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I've not worked with Flash, so if anyone has experience I'd appreciate
their comments.

I understand that Flash presentations are developed on a Windows box, using
Flash MX (FMX), I also understand that FMX has a scripting language, so it
can be used to create forms, display data, etc.

My questions are:

1. Can the Flash file be served by any web server, or does it need its own
server running on the same machine as  the web server?

2. Can PHP feed data to the Flash script, and vice versa? I am assuming it
operates much like Javascript, entirely through the browser plug-in.

I guess what I'm really asking is whether, after initial development of the
Flash file can the the rest be done from a LInux/BSD box with PHP and one
of the databases PHP talks to, or is it more efficient, in this case, to go
the Microsoft .asp and SQL-Server route.

Regards - Miles Thompson

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